About Us.

Our Mission

Since Byzen Digital Inc was established in 2016, the objectives of the company have been greatly expanded.

Byzen was originally established solely for the acquisition of target companies. Each target company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Byzen along with its assets (coins). Each subsidiary will continue to mine coins within its own environment under the umbrella structure of Byzen.

Byzen has already made its first two acquisitions, Telecoin a typical Crypto-currency company with 17,000,000 Telecoins on the block chain and Digi Ex, a company specialising in the marketing and promoting of Crypto-currencies. Digi Ex held the exclusive license for the marketing of Telecoin. Both assets are now within the Byzen group.

“Byzen’s principle goal today therefore is to develop a complete blockchain eco-system for all your Crypto requirements”

Our Vision

Our vision is to take you on a journey towards a much wider understanding of what Crypto and Blockchain technologies really are, so you in turn can realise how they will be of benefit to you personally, and allow you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable in leveraging these technologies in the immediate future in an uncomplicated manner.

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