Byzen Digital Model

End-to-End Mergers and Acquisitions Thinking

For companies with innovative digital and hardware products, consolidation with more substantial, capable organisations represents a giant leap on the challenging route to market. Simply merging and acquiring new skills is not enough, true success lies in the careful application of post deal integration to share acquired skills and applications across the group as it grows.

Expertise Network

With an experienced team of tech sector and funding specialists at the helm, Byzen Digital opens new routes to strategy, expertise and leadership to help both SMEs and established companies overcome their operational challenges. Byzen Digital's management team enjoys excellent international relationships with venture capital sources and niche-specific business leaders.


The Byzen Digital umbrella is a gateway to The Axiom Partnership, a dedicated provider of marketing, sales, legal and leadership resources for emerging tech disruptors. The Axiom Partnership opens a wide reaching network of skills and capital through which to build new partnerships for collaborative development.


Byzen Digital operating on the OTC markets delivers access to institutional and Blue Chip funding streams, typically not accessible to SMEs and start-up ventures.