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Axiom Appointed Strategic Investment Partner to US Tech Firm

The Axiom Partnership has been appointed as strategic investment partner of US-based public company Byzen Digital Inc, enabling Byzen to move forward with a targeted pipeline of acquisitions in the technology sector.

Axiom and Byzen have identified a number of potential portfolio additions which will now undergo thorough due diligence and suitability audits. Acquisition criteria include mass market appeal with evidenced application, as well as full confidence in the businesses’ intellectual property and personnel.

The Axiom Partnership will offer its commercial experience and expertise to develop a global portfolio of profitable, emerging, and disruptive technology companies. Underpinning this strategy is a pledge to allocate up to $10 million to complete acquisitions over the next two years.

Commenting on the appointment, Axiom CEO Tom Beckett said: “Following 12 months of negotiations, I’m delighted to announce an exciting new working partnership with Byzen Digital Inc.

“With its focus on emerging tech, Byzen is a logical selection. This appointment marks the beginning of a new growth chapter and a continuation of Axiom’s journey at the vanguard of digital change.”

The new relationship will see the first member of the Axiom Partnership join the Byzen board imminently, with further appointments planned over coming months as the company builds an advisory committee during the expected strong growth in 2019-2020 and beyond.

Byzen Digital Inc. signs letter of intent with XALPA Technologies Inc.

Byzen Digital Inc today announced the successful sale of its UK blockchain subsidiary, Telecoin, to XALPA Technologies Inc.

Completion will free Byzen from the multi-solution blockchain platform, paving the way for the company to embark on a planned mergers and acquisitions campaign with companies in the wider technology space.

Commenting on the deal, Byzen CEO Chris Percy, said: “Given the current strategy of Byzen Digital, the board of management believes that this deal will give us an open playing field for engagement with other blockchain players as we explore opportunities in the broader technology sphere.

“Bringing some 16 million shares back into the company treasury, this deal will benefit both Byzen Digital INC shareholders and the Telecoin organisation, which will continue to develop under XALPA Technologies’ ownership.

“We will now be able to cement those new relationships and move on with some very significant partnerships and acquisitions.”

US-Tech Firm Byzen Appoints Axiom Director

US-technology firm Byzen Digital Inc is to welcome Axiom Partnership CEO Tom Beckett to its board.

Following the announcement that the partnership is to act as Byzen’s strategic investment partner, Mr Beckett’s new role is the first of several Axiom appointments to the Byzen board planned over coming months.

Tom brings to the board leadership experience in a diverse range of sectors and will offer his commercial expertise to Byzen as it develops a portfolio of profitable tech companies over the next two years.

Commenting on the appointment, Byzen CEO Chris Percy said: “We are pleased to welcome Tom onboard at Byzen. His formidable experience in the tech and fundraising space will prove invaluable as the company puts into action a plan for rapid and sustained growth over 2019-20 and beyond.

“Strategic direction from Tom and the Axiom team puts Byzen in a stronger position than ever. And it means the organisation is ready to move forward with due diligence on our exciting potential acquisition targets in the tech sector.”

Axiom CEO Tom Beckett added: “I have worked closely with Byzen over the past 12 months while positioning the Axiom Partnership as the company’s strategic investment partner. I look forward to continuing an already fruitful relationship, and to playing an integral long-term role as Byzen continues its development as a major player in the technology space.”



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