Byzen Digital Vision & Values


Byzen Digital is to become a global market leader in disruptor tech acquisitions over the next decade. To achieve this, our early-stage growth strategy will see the addition of one acquistion per financial quarter over 2019-20.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring tomorrow's innovations to today's market.


Byzen Digital is a values led business built around three core principles:


Ambition begins with the drive to become the engine behind some of the world's most exciting tech and is realised through the rapid acquisition of companies to position Byzen Digital as a global leader in the Mergers and Acquisitions sphere. We believe in sharing our ambition and supporting our acquisition companies in utilising Byzen Digital's infrastructure to realise their own commercial potential.


Ability is nothing without the corporate skills and experience to see it through. Byzen Digital already enjoys a stellar industry reputation for organisational growth delivery and a peerless track record of smart, independent decision making. This approach has led to the growth of Byzen Digital from a blockchain focused start up to a publicly listed organisation successfully competing in the wider tech sector.


One thing that never changes is the rapid pace at which the tech sector evolves. Navigating this shifting landscape takes a highly effective team with the ability to think and move fast. This is made possible by the implementation of a lean and efficient business structure with superb infrastructural agility.